McKenzie Handyman Home Renovation has your home interest needs at hearth and view.

We work to make our home owners that comes to our company for their Handyman needs of their home renovation projects, to make them feel happy with our first class repair services.

We specialize in high quality workmanship and bargain prices to fit all our home owners’ budgets that come to our company for a fair price and quality workmanship to satisfy their desire.

Free estimates and satisfaction is grantee after all work is completed by our Handyman Home Renovation Services, come give us a try and check us out to see if we can live up to your expectation.

Labor price established a long the following guidelines:

Our standard per Hour rate is - 55.00 an hour.

Customer can supply their own materials, if they so wish to do and our company will work along with whatever decision is made by our customers to supply their own materials.

We offer a wide range of Home Improvement and Repair services.
  • Framing out
  • Doors replacements
  • Tiling and hardwood Floors
  • Painting - Interior and Exterior Finish
  • Drywall and Plaster