To me I highly recommend McKenzieto do any handyman or remodeling of any on your home. He's a true man of his word. I have had so much trouble trying to find a contractor of integrity, someone who will just treat you right with fair prices. Thank God I found McKenzie, he was always on time. ALWAYS!!!! He worked every day until he finished the job. Truly professional and he did all the work himself. I wouldn't use anybody else but this guy. I highly recommended him very much!!

Kydric Smith
620 Peach Street NE.
Atlanta, GA 30308

This is to certify that I was very pleased by the electrical work done at my property (#554 Oak Drive, Hapeville, Georgia, 30354). I met Mr. McKenzie in the summer of 2014 and after he worked at my property, I was very pleased. He was very professional, ethical and was able to explain all the steps of work he did in a very simple term comprehendible to his customers. In addition he has the ability to educate his customers about cost efficiency. I will surely recommend him for any handy job in the future.


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